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Lost Heroes - Main Web Page

Hello! We present to the world Lost Heroes, an old-style action game created in the spirit of classic videogames. It is meant for anyone who enjoys authentic retro gaming, and it can be downloaded here:

Lost Heroes Zip File Download (1.26 MB)

About This Game

Lost Heroes is programmed in DOS C++ and can be run on virtually any 32-bit PC, including old ones that have been contemporary platforms of the very games that have inspired this one. Getting started is easy; please unzip (copy out) the LostHero folder to your desired drive. To play the game, run the executable, LostHero.exe!

64-Bit PC Compatibility

For 64-bit PCs, you can use 32-bit emulation software, such as DOSBox (, and you may need to adjust the emulation speed to about 100,000 cycles per second. Please note that the sound may not work.

If you aren't familiar with using DOS, here is a little help. First, download these customized DOSBox files by clicking here. Next, unzip these files and place all of them in the folder that contains the LostHero folder. If you are using Windows 7, you may also want to put a copy of the DOSBox configuration file in this following folder: C:\Users\(your-user-name)\AppData\Local\DOSBox.

When you are ready, run DOSBox. Enter the command "cd LostHero" to enter the LostHero folder, and then enter the command "losthero.exe" to play!

What's Going On, and How to Play

The heroes have been transported to a strange and magical realm, and their goal is to battle together through the Areas and defeat the enemy monsters.

At the Base Area, go right and touch the road gates to enter the other Areas. More playable characters will be found and join up with the team as the Areas are cleared. You can freely switch among all the heroes who have been found, at any time. If one hero runs out of Lives, just change to another and continue the fight!

Game Features

- Side-scrolling action shooter gameplay!

- Simultaneous 3-Player support!

- Over twenty playable characters!

- Heavily-armed vehicles!

- Optional character upgrades and hidden bonuses!

- Customizable keyboard controls!

Gameplay Hints

The controls can be customized. (From the Main Menu, choose "Option.")

If things seem difficult at first, don't worry. Use the Magic Gems that are collected to obtain upgrades at the Base Area. Increase the heroes' Baseline Lives to make them begin with more Lives whenever they enter an Area. Increase their Power Levels to enhance their attack strength.

Secrets are hidden throughout the game. Have fun exploring and experimenting!

Other Stuff

Game Images (No Spoilers)

More Gameplay Tips (Spoiler Alert!)

Game Content Credits (Spoiler Alert!)

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